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We are a results driven social media marketing agency, who focus specifically on Facebook & Youtube marketing. Marketing to us is personal, it is branding, it is business.

What we do

We help our clients build their own brand; advise, implement, optimize.


Our job is to guide you to become a successful brand. If you want to grow your channel or profit from an existing page, then we are the people to contact for personal, results driven consultation.


We are more than ‘likes’ or ‘status’ marketeers. We look at your business and advise on strategies that suit your needs, your goals and your audience. – Growth Strategies – Branding Advise – How to Monetize


Understanding your content, your audience & your goals we will advise on strategies for subscriber growth, engagement and overall branding of your channel. – Channel Strategy – Branding Guidance – Improving Income & Opportunities


Building a brand identity is key to growing an online presence in 2018. Getting you seen, recognized, remembered and in contact with your followers is going to be the best strategy for success.


Building a community of active and incarcerated followers is more important than ever. How you interact with them, network with them and profit from them. – Page & Post Branding – Recognizable Adverts – Community Identity


Getting discovered on YouTube is half the problem, the other half is the content; making an easy process, branded, recognizable and regular content. – Personal, Video & Channel Branding – Video Filming & Process – Subscriber/Watch/Retention Growth


We use marketing to not only increase your audience but also your profits. Working with us you will see low cost, high performing adverts that generate you money.


We use specialist techniques to increase ROI of Facebook Adverts. Growing your messenger list to offer direct sales & services to growing your page numbers. – FB Messenger List Growth – High Yield & Low Cost – Alternative Sales Routes


Youtube we focus on growth, network & personal/content branding. Working with us we can create various money streams that perform against your improved video content. – Optimized Websites – Branded & Multi-media Growth – Increasing Affiliate Sales

Our Packages…

Our Specialty

Facebook Messaging Straight To Your Followers.


If you work with us we can use specialist, Facebook approved software that can create an automated message and send it directly to people who have commented on your posts.

This means we can generate a FB messenger list of people who have already engaged with your business and we can re-target them with follow ups, new content, services & even sell to them…directly in FB messenger.

We can even help you create new posts that encourage comments!



Grow your messaging list instantly. Simple, easy and extremely fast. Personal message, direct to an engaged audience. A modern day email list with a 98% open rate.

ExperiaGroup can create reach out messages to all previous comments on your page; adding them now to your pages messenger inbox.

We can even make it post & key word specific; perfect for competitions. Engage personally with your audience, time and time again.


Comment –> Welcome Message; with a reminder to ‘like’ your page –> Follow Up Message; Including a product link, affiliate or service offer. You can repeat this time and time again with follow up offers, sales, services & updates. Our service can help you:

Grow your page quicker, reminding people to ‘like’. Increase engagement by sending out reminders of latest content. Create income by using affiliate links, product & service offers.

With our service we can guarantee higher numbers of engagements and the opportunities of generating both growth and sales are extremely high. Facebook Messenger is used by 1.3 BILLION people – 17% of the population! Grow your brand, your business & your sales.

  • Open Rate- 88%
  • Click Through Rate – 56%
  • Personal Experience – 100%




Hours Watched

Managing Your Channel. Growing Your Brand.

The YogiBabe brand is the perfect example of simplifying, automating & engaging:
– Creating Video Templates
– Arranged & Scheduled Videos
– Optimized for Searches

Managing Your Page. Growing Your Brand.

The YogiBabe brand is the perfect example of simplifying, automating & engaging:
– Creating Video Templates
– Arranged & Scheduled Videos
– Optimized for Searches





From Our Clients

“Richard is helping me prepare for my YouTube channel launch; his use of Facebook marketing is giving me a huge advantage.”


Makeup Artist, YogiBabe

“The messenger service that ExperiaGroup do is amazing. We sent a message to 40 people and I got 5 replies, instantly!”

Phu Minh

Owner, Facebook Page

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